Calimero Wikia

Calimero with his parents

Cesira and Gallettoni are the parents of Calimero.

Cesira (pronounced Chey-seera) is Calimero's mother and is a white hen with an orange beak and red comb. She wears a yellow bonnet, and in the 2013 series she wears a purple jacket.

Gallettoni is Calimero's father and is a white rooster with an orange beak and red comb on his head. In the original shorts he usually wore a blue shirt, a black jacket and bow tie, and yellow pants. In the 2013 series he wears a red bow tie with a light blue shirt and a pair of blue overalls.

His name comes from the combination of the Italian word galletto (rooster) and the name Toni, which is the name of one of the co-creators, Toni Pagot.