Calimero (1982) is the second full-length series starring Calimero.

Series overview Edit

This series has basically the same plot as the 1974 series; Calimero plays with Priscilla and Peter/Pierrot sometimes messes with him, though he does seem to be a little friendlier toward Calimero in this series compared to the previous one.


This series was produced in Italy, however, not much is known about it compared to the other series. It is often confused for the 1974 anime series, mainly due to the fact that it reuses animation from that series, as well as the original shorts, and many dubs use the same theme song for this series, and in the case of the German dub, the episodes are mixed with those from the 1974 series into a single series. The easiest dubs to find of this series are in German,Arabic,French,and Dutch. However, the original Italian order is unknown as are many of the original episode titles because there is no known list of them. The Arabic ones may be in the correct order but they have no title cards. There are at least 40 episodes of this series.


Calimero 2

Calimero 2

Unknown episode segment dubbed in English (but with French intro)

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