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Cover of the first Japanese VHS volume

Calimero (1992 series) is the third full-length animated series starring Calimero.

Series overview[]

In this series, Calimero, along with Priscilla and Pierrot/Peter (who becomes Calimero's friend in this series), form a junior investigative reporting team called the Green Team, along with new friends Valeriano (also known as Giuliano), Suzy, and Rosita, and they investigate mysteries and report on them for a network called TV Condor.


This series was also produced by Toei Animation, and consists of 52 episodes, which aired on TV Tokyo from October 15, 1992 to December 31, 1993.

Unlike the previous series, this series had several Japanese VHS releases.


  1. Infiltrate! Secret of the Haunted Castle
  2. Scoop! Hunt for the Car Thief
  3. All right! Catch the Voice of the Alien
  4. Discovery! Ancient Ruins in the Construction Site
  5. Keeping an Eye on the Mysterious Exchange Student Peruri
  6. Pursuit! The Disappeared Pianist
  7. Strange! Mystery of the Wilting Flowers
  8. Bold! Thief of Midday
  9. Unusual! Sweat and Tears Marathon
  10. Assault! Beat the Pirate Ship
  11. Excited! Friendship Concert
  12. Duel! Catch the Stagecoach Robber
  13. Large Melee!? The Old Woman and the Grand Prix
  14. Targeted Witness Giuliano
  15. One-shot Crisis! Great Escape from the Fire
  16. Appearance! Great Inventor of the Century Do Vinci
  17. Great Discovery! I Saw a Dinosaur on the South Island
  18. Genius!? Peter is a Great Artist
  19. Well Done!? Suzy is a Great Jockey
  20. Found! The Abominable Snowman of Legend
  21. Calimero Goes Into Space
  22. Searching! The Disappeared Mermaid Princess
  23. Discovery! Mysterious Treasure of Do Vinci Home
  24. Rosita's Big Aerial Circus
  25. Adventure in the Magic Country
  26. Watch out for the Selfish Boy!
  27. Let's go! Big Race in the Camp
  28. Big Love Affair!? The Runaway Bride
  29. Showdown! Little Kid Street
  30. Mobilize! Calimero Rescue Team
  31. Tracking! Moving Large Lizard
  32. Go for it! We are Stars
  33. Traveling! Our Steam Locomotive
  34. Large Fever at the Carnival!
  35. Calimero's Pottery Training
  36. Close Call at the Department Store
  37. Exploring! The Mysterious Phantom Island
  38. Giuliano Flies in the Sky
  39. Makeover! Suzy is an Idol?
  40. Great Adventure in the Primitive Age
  41. Passionate! Girls' Baseball
  42. Peter's Big Part-Time Job Plan
  43. Invisible Man Peter Exposed?
  44. Large Building! Suzy, a Palace of Dreams
  45. Flat-out run! Even if Tracking the Real Culprit
  46. Big Investigation? Peter and the Clumsy Criminal
  47. The Search for the Rainbow Firefly Phantom
  48. Big Introduction! Calimero's Superpowers
  49. Revealing the Mystery of the Trick!
  50. Seabed Exploration! Lifting up the Sunken Ship
  51. Adventure of the Microscopic World!
  52. Giuliano's Directorial Debut!




Opening (Japanese) - "Karimero nee!" (Hey, Calimero!) (TV size)


カリメロED (恋に気をつけて)

Ending (Japanese) - "Koi ni Kiwotsukete" (Be careful in Love)


Générique de Caliméro

Opening (French)


Calimero et ses amis (Fin)

Ending (French)


Calimero (seconda serie) - 00 - Sigla iniziale

Opening (Italian)


Calimero (seconda serie) - 53 - Sigla finale

Ending (Italian)


Calimero intro

Opening (Dutch)


Calimero finnish opening

Opening (Finnish)


꼬꼬리코돌격대 오프닝

Opening (Korean)


Arabic Opening - كاليميرو و فاليريانو

Opening (Arabic)

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Japanese OP "Karimero nee!" (Hey, Calimero!) (FULL)