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Calimero (2014 series) is the fourth full-length animated series starring Calimero.

Series overview[]

In this series, Calimero moves to a new town (called Belladagio in Italian and Hatchington in English), and has new adventures with his friends Priscilla, Pierrot, and Valeriano, all while discovering the amazing inventions in the Mill that belonged to Calimero's great-great grandfather, Do Vinci the inventor. This series marks the début of Hop who is the main antagonist of the show.

This is the first Calimero title not to feature Master Owl, Pancrazio, Theophilus, Wolf, Mr. Fox or Bobby and the second Calimero title not to feature Buta and Deppa or Mr. Critichelli.


This series, produced in computer-generated 3D, premiered in France on TF1 in 2014. The production team includes France’s Gaumont Animation, rights owner Calidra, Italy’s Studio Campedelli and Japanese partners TV Tokyo and Kodansha. The series is expected to be aired on several other TV channels. Disney Junior aired a British English dub in the UK, Australia, and South Africa. In the US, Univision aired a Latino Spanish dub in October 11, 2017 until late 2018 as part of the Planeta U block. There were 104 episodes made. Some dubs (like French, Italian, Japanese) have different ordering than the English dub for some of the episodes.


  1. Flower Power
  2. Cream Puff Catastrophe
  3. The Box of Worries
  4. Draw Duck Draw!
  5. The Flying Calimero
  6. The Ice-Cream Machine
  7. The Spooky Statue
  8. The Golden Kite
  9. The Squabble from the Stars
  10. Stop Thief!
  11. The Secret of the Tree
  12. Chorus of Confusion
  13. Wallflowers and Fireflies
  14. The Do Vinci Code
  15. Pierrot's Party for None
  16. A Star is Hatched
  17. Ruckus on Roller Skates
  18. Lights, Camera, Mayhem!
  19. Big Bang Brass Band
  20. King of the Banjo
  21. Teddy on the Run
  22. Pierrot the Prodigy
  23. Cocos lose their Marbles
  24. Priscilla's Super Sneakers
  25. Sleepover Spooks
  26. The Stinky Cheese Thief
  27. Ready for Takeoff
  28. Fair Fluffied Friends
  29. The Inspector Do Vinci Movie
  30. The Abominable Creature
  31. The Butterfly Effect
  32. Key to a Mystery
  33. Carrotastrophe
  34. Growing up Fast
  35. One Big Mess
  36. Scared Stiff
  37. Fireflies Forever
  38. Bicycle Blues
  39. The Time Capsule
  40. Fixing Fix-It Rick
  41. Get Well Soon Pierrot
  42. The Electro-Windy-Go
  43. Origami King
  44. Priscilla's Ribbon
  45. The Microphone
  46. The Hatchington Hop
  47. Operation Cocos
  48. Pipe Down!
  49. The Flower of Hatchington
  50. The Curious Case of The Caterpillar
  51. Out of Sight
  52. Mission Un-Quackable
  53. The Boomerang Channel
  54. Pierrot the Hero
  55. Cocos in the House
  56. The Present
  57. Priscilla Sees Stars
  58. Hop to It!
  59. The Lucky Number
  60. Sneaky Preview
  61. Pierrot's Green Thumb
  62. Pierrot the Blabberbeak
  63. The Toy Swap
  64. The Big Stink
  65. Pierrot's Seashells
  66. The Colour Mixer-Upper
  67. The Scooter Race
  68. The Karotkovich Crack-Up
  69. Super Valeriano
  70. Going Bananas
  71. The Hot Air Balloon
  72. The Tree's Locket
  73. Pierrot Gets Jinxed
  74. Must See Josua TV!
  75. The Cottontailed Tattletale
  76. Valeriano Goes Undercover
  77. The Universal Remote Control
  78. The Treasure of Hatchington
  79. Cocos in the Garden
  80. The Key to Chaos
  81. Fasten Your Seatbelts!
  82. Spaghetti Junction
  83. Invasion of the Caterpillars
  84. The Mystery of the Statue
  85. The Ladeks Fight Back
  86. Calimero the Flycatcher
  87. Prank-King
  88. Calimero Loses His Marbles
  89. The Twist
  90. Painted Into a Corner
  91. The Stolen Brooch
  92. The Magic Hat
  93. Cesira's Vase
  94. The Big Surprise
  95. A Box of Cocos
  96. Where is Giovanni?
  97. The Incredible Shrinking Calimero
  98. The Pumpkin Queen
  99. Start Your Engines
  100. Search for Carrotcake
  101. Memory Gap
  102. Calimero's Panic
  103. Speaking Gibberish
  104. Mission Invisible
  105. Goodbye Calimero!



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