Calimero and the Wonderful Summer is an English video release containing a short of the same name as well as 12 other original shorts. It was only released in the UK on VHS and Betamax in 1981. Unlike the first release (simply titled Calimero) it did not recieve a laserdisc release later. It is a pre-cert release. Despite the shorts originating in Italy, the Pre-Cert Video website shows the country of origin as Japan, perhaps due to confusing the shorts with the 1974 anime series.

Shorts in this releaseEdit

  1. Calimero and High Society
  2. Calimero and the Wonderful Summer
  3. Adventurous Calimero
  4. Calimero and the Enigmatographer
  5. Calimero and a Lot of Talk
  6. Among Skyscrapers and Prisons
  7. The Cheesemonger's Cat
  8. Between Devils and Witches
  9. Chemistry Class
  10. Calimero and the Smuggling Fisherman
  11. Calimero and the Counterfeiters
  12. Insisting on Riddles
  13. Calimero is Right

Trivia Edit

  • The summary for "Calimero and the Smuggling Fisherman" on this release mistakenly refers to the character Bobby as "Mr. Bear", despite him being a dog.
  • This is possibly the rarest Calimero release made, especially since it was not released on Laserdisc like the first English release was.

External LinksEdit

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