Pierrot's Party for None is the 15th episode of the 2013 series of Calimero. Today Pierrot is having a birthday party, but after he lets another kid take the blame for setting off the bank alarm with a soccer ball, no one wants to go to his birthday party (save for the mischievous Hop and his cousins Skip and Jump). Calimero, however, believes Pierrot is innocent and sets out to prove it. This episode can be watched here:

Characters present Edit

  1. Calimero
  2. Valeriano
  3. Priscilla
  4. Pierrot
  5. Dina
  6. Marcello
  7. Bulldy
  8. Nell
  9. Romi
  10. Sandro
  11. Unknown Green Chicken
  12. Enzo
  13. Clemente
  14. Hop
  15. Skip and Jump
  16. Ms. Camilla
  17. Poodle without name
  18. Giobatta (Cameo)
  19. Cesira (Cameo)
  20. Pierrot's mom
  21. Second Unknown Poodle
  22. Arturo
  23. Unknown Cat
  24. Mr. Hotpot
  25. Unknown Green Chicken's Mom
  26. Cora

Trivia Edit

  1. Calimero wears the deerstalker hat for the second time only.
  2. This is the third birthday-themed episode.
  3. Cesira appears without Galletoni for the second time.
  4. Pierrot's mom appears without Abrosio for the second time.