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Rosita/Romi in the 1992 series

Rosita (also known as Romi) is a girl chick and Valeriano's girlfriend (at least in the 1992 series). She has aquamarine eyes and dark brown hair and she wears a pink shirt, yellow skirt, round-frame glasses, and red barrettes in her hair. She first appeared in the 1992 anime series.

In the 2013 series, her appearance was changed quite a bit: she is darker yellow, her hair is lighter brown and straighter, her eyes are now purple, and she wears a blue blouse with a red stripe. In the 2013 series she is not a main character, but she does have a few recurring appearances. Her first major appearance was in Wallflowers and Fireflies when she liked a boy bird named Sandro. She appears sooner than Suzy in the 2013 series.

Rosita/Romi in the 2013 series

It is possible that Rosita and Romi are actually different characters who just share similar appearances. However, there is currently no proof of this.