Stop Thief! is the 10th episode of the 2013 series of Calimero.

Today when Hop is commended by his teacher, his cousins make fun of him and call him a goody-goody. So he decides to do something naughty to change their minds: steal Calimero's eggshell! Calimero is sad when he realizes his shell is missing, so his friends help him try to get it back.

You can watch this episode in English here:

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Characters present Edit

  1. Calimero
  2. Valeriano
  3. Priscilla
  4. Pierrot
  5. Bulldy
  6. Nell
  7. Sandro (Cameo)
  8. Romi
  9. Clemente (Cameo)
  10. Dina (Cameo)
  11. Cesira
  12. Galletoni
  13. Enzo (Cameo)
  14. Cora (Cameo)
  15. Ms. Camilla
  16. Unknown Green Chicken (Cameo)

Trivia Edit

  1. Is the only episode where Calimero cries.
  2. The four friends use the walkie-talkies for first time.

Videos Edit